Stylish Carpeting That Is Earth-Friendly

The economy may be lagging but not flooring trends. As the consumer’s tastes turn from all-out luxury to cost-conscious value, so are the offerings of the flooring industry – available at Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs’ Showroom in Kensington, MD. Carpet manufacturers are now producing more products that are stylish, eco-friendly, and easy on the budget. You’ll find  innovative products in the long-time budget-conscious reigning flooring champion: carpeting. Here’s some trend-setters (More colors, textures, interesting cuts, comfort than you can imagine – and GREEN).


Shaw Anso Carpet



Anso Nylon Carpet
The soft, luxurious carpets featured in the 2012 Green Home merge style and sustainability. Made with recycled content — that can be recycled over  and over — Anso® Nylon is gentle on the environment yet tough enough to withstand every  step. Choose from an array of colors, patterns and textures.

ClearTouch Carpet from Shaw

ClearTouch Carpet
Shaw features lines of carpeting with fibers made from 100 percent postconsumer food and drink containers Called ClearTouch Carpet.

ClearTouch is a continuous filament fiber that offers the inherent attributes of polyester as well as exceptional performance characteristics, such as excellent appearance retention and long-term wear. An added benefit of the new fiber is recycled content. Wide variety of colorations, textures and lifetime stain resistance.

Carpet industry leaders such as Mohawk Industries continue making inroads into the green market by producing carpeting that features fibers made with corn sugar instead of nylon.

SmartStrand by Mohawk

SmartStrand is the ONLY carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that will NEVER wear or wash off.
-Superior durability and softness for peace of mind and comfort.
-Lifetime stain and soil resistance that’s built in, not sprayed on
-Protection that will never wear or wash off like other carpets
-Easy to clean with water or mild detergent.
-Environmentally friendly, because it’s made in part from renewable resources
-SmartStrand is rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

EverStrand Carpet from Mohawk

EverStrand® is an entire family of carpet fibers. From the value-based EverStrand® and EverStrand BCF™ to the extraordinary softness of EverStrand BCF XtraSoft™ and EverStrand XtraSoft™, EverStrand offers an exciting medley of options for you.
Recycling is part of the production process for all EverStrand carpets, and all recycled content can be certified. The EverStrand name represents an amazing group of fibers: one that consumes zero virgin petrochemical resources, one that utilizes even the by-products from the manufacturing process, one that is making a positive global impact. EverStrand is unquestionably the most unique carpet fiber in the industry.

Take a closer look at what’s new in carpeting today at Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rug‘s Showroom in Kensington, Maryland. You’ll be amazed how soft, durable, stain resistant and affordable “green” carpeting can be.