Custom Rugs

Broadloom and pattern rugs can be cut, bound, and fabricated to meet your exact specifications.

Ayoub N&H can create custom area rugs in any design you like, or runners for your stairs, hallways, and landings from our full line of coordinated carpets, carpet borders, rugs, hall runners and stair runners. Everything can be custom cut and sized to your needs.

If you have any suggestions on what you desire in a custom carpet, we can work with your specifications to make it happen.

Have a perfectly good rug that you’d like to move to a smaller room? Ayoub N&H can resize it for you.

  • Create Borders on Rugs
  • Custom Runners for Stairs, Landings & Hallways
  • Create Area Rugs from Carpet
  • Resize Oversized Rugs

Broadloom Rugs Carpet Cutting & Binding

Have you recently moved and your favorite area rugs don’t fit your rooms – or you’d like to use a rug in another part of the house but it’s too big or has damaged areas or edges? Ayoub N&H can cut to your desired size, rebind, and repair if needed so you can keep your area rugs.

  • Cut & Bind Rugs to Size
  • Cut Off Damaged Carpet
  • Rebind Damaged Sides