Carpet & Rug Padding

Rug Padding is Essential

By using rug pads underneath all your rugs, you’ll improve the feel of your rug while also reducing wear. The padding absorbs the impact of footsteps that would otherwise crush the fibers into the hard surface below as your heel contacts the surface. Non-slip rug padding can also help reduce any shifting or movement of the rug.

There are several types of padding that can be used, depending on the size, type, and location of your rug:

Large sized rugs

For large rugs that are heavy enough that they don’t move or slide or are anchored down by furniture we recommend our “Fiber” padding:

  • About 3/8” thick
  • Made of premium recycled fiber material.
  • Provides cushion to protect the rug and give added comfort.

Medium sized rugs

For medium sized rugs we recommend “Rug Stay Padding” (it can also be used on large rugs that have a tendency to shift).

  • About ¼” thick
  • Made of premium recycled fiber material.
  • One side is coated with rubber to provide non-slip qualities.
  • The other side has a rough texture to help hold the rug in place.
  • Also provides cushion to protect the rug and give added comfort.

Small sized rugs

For small sized rugs we have an “Anchor” padding. It is a 1/8″ thick solid rubber that helps hold small rugs in place. This pad is the best for non-slip qualities, but doesn’t provide much cushion.

  • About 1/8″ thick
  • Made of solid rubber
  • Primarily used for small rugs or very thin larger rugs.

Most pads are cut to fit your rug, so no additional work is required when you receive the padding. You may even call in your padding order for pick-up at our store in Kensington.

Contact us for more information, or to order a new padding for your rug.