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Mothproofing for Carpets & Rugs- MD, DC

Moth damage is a very common damage we witness in rugs we receive for cleaning and repair. Moths are insects or pests who love to eat natural fibers made of protein such as wool, silk, or cotton. They are very destructive in the larvae stage and usually the adults are harmless.
Moths love humid, heated and dark places. Moth damage happens when the rugs are left unclean and undisturbed for a long period of time. Usually under furniture, beds,  storage places, and areas not readily accessible. Regular vacuuming is very important in controlling and preventing moth damage to your valuable Area Rugs, Persian and Oriental Rugs. That is why we recommend to our customers to have their rugs professionally cleaned regularly, and have a moth preventative applied. This is a cost effective way to preserve your investment.
soil repellant for carpets & rugs

Soil Repellant for Carpets & Rugs- MD, DC

Dirt and stains cling to untreated carpet and quickly become embedded in the fibers. A good soil repellent coats the carpet’s fibers to keep dirt from lodging between the fibers. The same technology that keeps foods from sticking to pots and pans prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the carpet.

A repellent, whether applied by the manufacturer or in the home, eventually wears off. Every time someone walks on the carpet, they track in dirt. Once dirt gets into the carpet, it gets ground in deeper with every step. Now add the effects of spills, stains and crumbs that get trapped in carpet. That’s why freshly cleaned carpet and rugs should always have a soil repellent applied.

Manufacturers recommend the application of a soil repellent after each cleaning on all carpet and rugs, even those with built-in soil and stain protection - reinforcing the protection each time.
carpet & rug deodorizer

Carpet & Rug Deodorizer - MD, DC

Help eliminate a complete range of odors in your rugs and carpeting including those caused by animal urine, feces, emesis, male cat spray, decaying organic matter, mold, and mildew.  Our deodorizer treatment helps eliminate, not mask, malodors.