Rug & Carpet Protection Benefits

protect against carpet spills

Cleaning your carpet and rugs is an important part of maintaining the look and health of your home. Regular professional cleanings remove everyday pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, and dirt tracked in from outside. In order to make sure your carpets and rugs do not get dirty quickly after you’ve had them professionally cleaned, ask for a protector to be applied.

Carpet and rug protector acts as a barrier, blocking dirt and potential stains from getting absorbed by the fiber. Did your cat have an accident on your new Persian rug or wall-to-wall carpet? A protector will give you time to soak up the urine before it permanently sets in. You’ll have the same protection from stains as a result of that wine spilled during a dinner party, or the cup of juice your child knocks over onto the floor!

Not only will the protector help your carpets and rugs resist staining, but it’ll make it easier to clean general dirt when you do have it professionally cleaned. Instead of all the dirt being trapped in the fiber, most will be sitting conveniently on top, ready to be steam cleaned away.

Most new carpeting already comes with some level of protection from the manufacturer, but it doesn’t last forever. Everyday traffic can wear down that protective barrier and leave your carpet and rugs exposed to possible stains. If you have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned by Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs of Kensington, MD, ask us about a protector that gets applied afterwards to keep your floor covering protection doing its job. Extend the time your home will be looking great between cleanings!