Wall to Wall Carpet Repair

In-Home carpet repairs can be done for a fraction of the cost of replacing carpet. Your carpet can have its life extended with professional wall-to-wall repair procedures skillfully done by Ayoub N&H.

All repairs are done by our professional staff at your location in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Ayoub N&H can restore your carpets through:

  • Patching torn or stained areas
  • Securing tears & seams in carpet
  • Stretching carpet to remove buckles

Color Bleeding

Color bleeding on rugs can be caused by urine, sewer backup, fire, and water damage. Whichever the cause, it can devalue your fine rugs and floor covering. With years of experience and knowledge of dyes, Ayoub N&H can remove transient dyes and restore your rug’s original appearance.

Urine Stain Removal

Urine presents the most severe problem on oriental rugs. It can cause severe color run in the rug, and the odor can be difficult to remove. Urine can also chemically damage the structure of a rug by making the foundation hard and less supple, and the presence of urine in a rug can help attract moths. The removal of old set urine stains is a time consuming art, and only a handful of professionals are able to perform it. Ayoub N&H will use its years of experience and expertise to remove the urine stain and restore the rugs natural color.

Spot Dying

Accidents caused by bleach spills, toilet bowl cleaner, acne medication, harsh liquids and fading can create color loss in your carpet and rugs. Whichever the cause, it makes your carpet and rugs look old, unkempt and dirty. With years of experience, Ayoub N&H can restore the lost color in your rugs and carpet, without going through the hassle and expense of replacing a rug or section of the entire carpet.