Hardwood Repair & Refinishing

Wood flooring that is in fair condition and doesn’t need to be replaced can be sanded and re-finished to give it a new look. The wood can be sanded down to remove the old polyurethane and expose a new layer of the hardwood. A new wood stain is then applied to the wood and coated with a polyurethane layer to protect it.

Hardwood flooring is usually re-finished when the wood starts to show wear, scratches, dullness, or even when a completely new color is desired.

Ayoub N&H Hardwood Refinishing Process

  1. Moving basic items of furniture.
  2. Sealing off area to reduce dust in rooms not being re-finished.
  3. “Dustless” sanding to remove old polyurethane & expose new surface of wood.
  4. Buffing the hardwood to smooth the surface & remove debris
  5. Application of hardwood stain if a certain color is desired.
  6. Application of oil or water based polyurethane.
  7. Additional buffing to prepare surface for additional coats of polyurethane
  8. Application of second coating of polyurethane.
  9. During the second coating, new shoe molding will be installed & transition strips are refinished or replaced to match the hardwood.

There are two types of urethane that can be used in the re-finishing process, either water based or oil based:

Water based urethane

Dries in a shorter period of time so the job can be done quicker. The floor can be walked on within two hours and additional coats of polyurethane can be applied the same day. In addition, fumes from water based urethane are not as noticeable.

Oil based urethane

Takes longer to dry and typically produces odors that are very noticeable, although the smell does dissipate as the urethane dries. The process will take more than one day since a drying time of about 18 – 24 hours is required in-between coats. Oil based urethane conditions the wood, is more durable, and is better for floors in direct sunlight since it does not break down as quickly.

Ayoub N&H is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, License #134181.  The State of Maryland requires that companies or individuals performing home improvements, including hardwood installation and refinishing, be licensed for consumer protection.

Be sure to ask about licensing as you’re shopping for the best service!