Renew Your Hardwood Floors with Ayoub N&H Refinishing

A New Look For Hardwood Flooring

Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs is known for their rug and carpet cleaning, but did you know that we can give your hardwood floors a new lease on life also?

Don’t hide your floors. We can transform your dull, scratched hardwood into rich, designer flooring with careful sanding and preparation, followed by the stain of your choosing and a protective finish.

Even if your floor isn’t in terrible condition a different stain color can be applied to give your room a whole new feel. If you have deep damage to your flooring we can replace the bad area to blend with your current wood.

There are two types of urethane that can be used in the re-finishing process:

  • Water based urethane: dries in a shorter period of time so the job can be done quicker. The floor can be walked on within two hours and additional coats of polurethane can be applied the same day. In addition, fumes from water based urethane are not as noticeable.
  • Oil based urethane: will take longer to dry and typically produce fumes that are very noticeable although the smell does dissipate as the urethane dries. The process will take more than one day since a drying time of about 24 hours is required inbetween coats. Oil based urethane is better for floors in direct sunlight since it does not break down as quickly.

Images – Top to bottom:

  • Preparing floors: old finish half-sanded
  • Fully sanded wood flooring
  • Starting application of the new stain
  • Floor fully stained with finish applied
  • The fabulous hardwood flooring result!

(Shown) Sedona Red stain with an application of an oil based polyurethane with a satin finish.


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