Leather Furniture Care

Take care of your leather furniture to prolong its life

Love your leather furniture? It can be quite durable and rich looking (it can last 3-5x longer than fabric furniture), but leather does wear, especially when exposed to strong sunlight, children and pets. It has a porous surface that allows moisture to penetrate its fiber structure, stretching it and giving it a worn appearance – which you may actually prefer to new. If you spend long hours lounging on your leather furniture watching tv, you may want to protect it with a throw to keep body oils from being absorbed. And, you should have it professionally cleaned and protected by Ayoub N&H so you can keep your leather furniture looking it’s best. Proper care will prolong its life.

There are two types of leather furniture: finished and unfinished leather. If you’re not sure what type you have, check the labels on your furniture.

Finished: Finished leather color is from a pigment coating on the leather.It is stain and fade resistant but lacks deep richness in color that stain-dyed unfinished leather has and tends to be stiffer.

Unfinished: Unfinished leather color is from a dye in the leather.It is softer than finished and more natural looking but fades and stains easily.

Maintenance: Dust and wipe the furniture down with a damp cloth once a week, and condition with a leather cleaner two or three times a year. If you need to target a spill, blot the excess liquid immediately and use a very small amount of soap and water, if necessary – don’t use harsh household cleaners on leather or you could damage it, causing it to dry and crack. Spills on unfinished leather need to be handled by a professional, like Ayoub N&H, because of its tendency to stain.

Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs will professionally clean and protect your leather furniture to MAINTAIN THE LIFE OF YOUR FURNITURE. Cleaning is available in Montgomery & Howard Counties in Maryland, Washington DC, and Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia. Contact Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs for in-home leather upholstery cleaning  today. Save time – schedule your carpet, stone tile & grout, and fabric upholstery cleaning at the same time – conveniently in your home by Ayoub N&H.