Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

Carpet Care Tips

Quality carpeting should last for around 15 years with the proper care. Here are some helpful tips to keep it in good shape:

Regular Cleaning
If your carpet looks dull or faded it’s probably in need of a good cleaning. Regular cleaning keeps your carpet’s color bright and true and prevents stains from setting in. Soil can change the color of your carpet – especially oily soil which can become absorbed into the fiber and make it yellowish. Matting can actually be caused by soiling rather than loss of fiber. Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs employs truck-mounted steam cleaning for the most thorough soil extraction. Remember: the longer the stain remains, the greater the chance of permanence. If you do have an area that can’t be improved, Ayoub N&H can do in-home carpet repairs like patching for a fraction of the cost of replacing the carpet.

Are balls of fluff reason for concern after installation? No, they are just the loose fibers left over in the carpet after manufacturing. With the use of a good vacuum cleaner, they should disappear after a year or so.

Furniture Dents
You’ve probably noticed if you’ve ever moved your furniture a “footprint” of the furniture. Use of furniture glides or cups will help prevent this. If it’s too late, try roughing the depression up to get the pile back up, then dampen the spot and heat it with a hair dryer to reset the fibers.

Texture Protection
High traffic areas can have added  protection with strategically placed area rugs that can be rotated. Texture will naturally wear after time but this added ounce of protection will prolong it’s beauty.

Fiber Popup
If you ever have a piece of yard loosen and is protruding from the carpet, don’t pull it. Instead snip with scissors to the level of the rest of the pile. Pulling them out can worsen the problem. If it’s happening more than a couple times, contact the store you purchased your carpeting from or the manufacturer.

Wrinkles and Buckles
Bumpy carpet can be a safety hazard. It can be caused by a number of things including: poor or incorrect padding, incorrect installation, or high temperatures and/or humidity. If you need your carpet restretched contact Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs to have your carpet problems remedied by professional restretching.

Have a problem carpet? Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs, your Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC carpeting and rugs expert, has the solutions.

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