In-Home Carpet Repairs

Rug-Repairs-Before-AfterAccidents happen, and sometimes your carpet sees the results.  Wine stains, pet accidents, carpet buckles, and separated seams are just some types of damage that can be repaired.  Whatever the problem, Ayoub N&H™ can repair your carpet.

For stains that cannot be removed by cleaning, carpet patching may be necessary to get your carpet looking new again.  You may have extra carpet left over from the installation, or a small piece of carpet can be taken from the back of a closet or other inconspicuous area to replace the damaged spot.  Our skilled technicians will cut out the damaged carpet and seam the replacement carpet in its place.

Another common problem, carpet buckles, are waves that can start to appear in your carpet.  Carpet buckles can be caused by improper installation, sliding heavy furniture over carpet, or they can develop naturally as the carpet develops slack over time.  Ayoub N&H™ can correct this carpet issue by stretching the carpet back into place and securing it at the walls.

There are many types of repairs that can be done to maintain your wall-to-wall carpet.  Correcting problems quickly and correctly will ensure you don’t end up with bigger problems in the future.

Ayoub N&H™ Carpet & Rugs services Howard and Montgomery County in Maryland, Washington DC, and Arlington and Fairfax County VA. Call us for a free estimate at: 301-946-7944 or contact us online and get that ugly carpet problem repaired by professionals.