Get Grime Out of Tile & Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing are common ways to make a home look better. But don’t forget to have your tile cleaned as well! Over time, natural stone and tile surfaces can become dull or discolored. Grout tends to get dirty even faster, making the whole floor look a little grungy—no matter how often you mop.

Have Your Tile Floors Cleaned When:

  • You notice areas of discoloration in high traffic areas
  • Substances like red wine or coffee have been spilled, causing stains
  • Dirt or mud have been ground into the grout, making it look gray or brown
  • Residue from floor cleaners has built up on the tile, making it dull
  • You’ve recently had your hardwood refinished or carpets cleaned and you realize that your tile doesn’t look that great by comparison

What’s Involved in Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning?

Getting rid of loose dirt and debris is the first step (just like vacuuming a carpet before steam cleaning). A tile-friendly detergent is applied next and the whole surface is scrubbed vigorously to loosen stains and dirt. After this, the mixture of detergent and dirt is extracted using truck mounted equipment. This is a critical step, since simply wiping the surface clean would leave residue that seeps back into the tile. Fans are used to dry the area so it is ready for daily living again.

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Should You Have Floor Sealer Applied?

This extra step can make a big difference in how long your tile and grout stay looking bright and clean. A sealant improves the appearance of the floor by repelling many of the substances that cause stains. It’s important to use the correct sealer for the job. A penetrating or surface sealer is used depending on the type of tile being sealed. For example, highly porous sandstone requires different treatment than glass-like ceramic. Having your floors professionally sealed helps ensure that the right products are used, making your tile resistant to stains without detracting from the natural beauty of the material.

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