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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet & Rugs


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Buying Carpet

  • What carpet manufacturers do you carry in your store?
    We carry a wide variety of name brand carpets in our Rug & Carpet Gallery to meet your needs. With styles from Shaw, Mohawk, PatCraft Design, Couristan, Fibreworks, Queen, and Aladdin, we can find any style that fits your taste.
  • What quality of carpet is best for my rooms?
    The quality of carpet you should buy depends on many factors.  The main one is the amount of traffic that you will have on the carpet.  In bedrooms, a less expensive carpet can be used because there is less traffic.  In areas where most of your day is spent, a higher grade carpet will last longer.
  • What are carpet fibers made of?
    There are three main types of fibers used to make carpet:

    Wool:  Highest quality, and also most expensive.  Wool has a soft, luxurious feel, and is naturally resilient.

    Nylon:  The most popular carpet fiber today.  Nylon is durable and resilient, yet tends not to be as expensive as wool.  Although not as high a quality as wool, it is usually the most economical.

    Polyester:  These carpets tend to be less resilient to crushing, but are great for resisting staining, since polyester is naturally soil resistant.  Are generally less expensive than nylon.

    New "Green" Alternatives: SmartStrand® carpet from Mohawk is a sustainable flooring option made from DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer. This innovative carpet exclusively offers fiber made with Bio-PDO™ (the key Sorona® ingredient), which is produced from corn sugar.
    By utilizing this new ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona® is being made from renewable resources. A new first from Mohawk: a luxuriously soft carpet that offers durability and stain protection, while also making less of an environmental impact.
  • What is the process for buying carpet?
    Visiting our showroom is the first step to getting new carpet.  Here you can select from hundreds of styles and colors, and speak to someone about what kind of carpet would be best for you.  You can even take samples home to match the carpet with furniture.

    A free estimate can then be scheduled at your convenience.  Once a carpet is selected, we will provide you with all the details and costs.  Once the estimate is agreed upon, you can usually have your carpet ordered and installed within two weeks.

Area Rugs - Cleaning

  • How often should I clean my rugs?
    Cleaning intervals will depend on the amount of traffic the rug gets.  Rugs located in hallways and busy areas of the house should be cleaned every few months.  Rugs in rooms that are rarely used can be cleaned on a yearly basis.
  • I have stains on my rugs; will they come out with cleaning?
    Unfortunately, not all stains can be removed, even with professional rug cleaning.  The kind of stain, length of time it’s been on the rug, and the general condition of the fibers, all play a role in stain removal.
  • Should I have soil repellent applied to my rug?
    Having a soil repellent applied to your rug helps keep stains from forming.  A soil repellent will give you time to soak up spills, or clean off dirt from your rug.  It will also help make your rug clean up better after a professional cleaning.
  • What should I do to maintain my rugs between cleanings?
    Make sure to vacuum your rugs often.  Vacuum your rugs at least once a week, more often in high traffic areas of your house.  Doing so will keep your rug in good condition.  Also make sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen.  If left too long, they can create stains that cannot be removed, even with professional cleaning. See below for our stain removal chart.

Area Rugs - Sizing

  • Measure Carefully
    As a rule of thumb, allow 18"-24" of bare floor space between the rug and the walls. Smaller rooms may permit less, but try not to go below six inches of surrounding floor space.Test all the doors to make sure they can open and close without catching on the rug.
  • Living Room
    Area rugs should define living space, especially with large family rooms. For instance, a room that has both entertainment and a dining area, like a Great Room, should have two separate rugs. When arranging furniture just try keeping the front legs of your sofa, loveseat and accent chairs on the rug; the back legs can remain on or off depending on the rug's size.
  • Dining Room
    For easy dining and best appearance the chair legs should sit on the rug. Aim for 18"-24" of rug on all sides of the table so that the back legs of the chairs stay on the rug, even when the chair is pulled out. Rugs with custom borders or prints add texture and focus to dining rooms, which are frequently overwhelmed by wood furniture and flooring.
  • Bedroom
    Comfort is the guideline in the bedroom: area rugs should extend beyond the sides of the bed at least 18" for a king or queen and 12" for a full or twin so there is a soft, walking area to avoid bare feet from having to find a cold, hard floor in the morning. You can also scatter area rugs to define the areas in front of the bed or dresser to add warmth and luxury.
  • Kitchen
    Your kitchen rug will need to be easy to clean and durable. For small patches of space, lay down a doormat-sized rug to add touches of color or texture. Go for runners in front of the sink and work areas to cushion you and help reduce fatigue. Smaller rugs are less expensive and can be changed with the seasons to add interest, but add padding or opt for styles with rubber backing so they'll stay put and away from the main high traffic path.

Spot Removal

When spills happen, blot them up immediately with toweling or tissue.  If you cannot attend to a spill and a stain remains, use the following spot removal chart:
  • Always test the cleaning method to insure that dyes are not effected.  Test a small concealed area first.
  • For spot cleaning, use a mixture of water with a very small amount of detergent.
  • Use as little cleaner as possible.
  • If you are unable to remove a stain, consult Ayoub N&H for professional cleaning.
Type of Stain
Water Soluble (fruit juice, candy, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks)
Mix 1 qt. water with 1 tsp. mild detergent and 1 tsp. white vinegar.  Blot only. 
Let dry.  Then crumble and remove the excess.  Spot-clean as a water soluble stain.
Animal Urine
  • Immediately absorb as much liquid as possible.
  • Treat the area with a standard detergent solution (test the solution in an inconspicuous area to determine its effect on dye). 
  • Absorb the solution into white tissues.  Then blot the area with the standard ammonia solution (one tablespoon clear, uncolored household ammonia in one cup of water).  Absorb this into white tissues.
  • Then blot the area with the standard vinegar solution (one part white vinegar to two parts water).  Absorb the area with toweling until it is as dry as possible.
  • Place several dry white terry clothes over the area and weigh down, allowing a minimum of six hours for drying.
Nail Polish
Wipe up as much as possible.  Then use regular nail polish remover, without lanolin, applying it with an eye dropper.  Wait a few seconds, then blot with cloth.  Repeat until all material is removed.
Cigarette Burns
If damage is only at the top of the pile, snip off charred ends with scissors, then spot-clean with cleaning agent for water soluble stains.
  • Heat gum residue with a hand-held hair dryer set on high for 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Use polyethylene squares (cut from Zip-Loc bags) to remove the softened gum.
  • Rub one gram (1/2 tsp.) of extra strength deep heating rub into the residue.
  • Heat the deep heating rub 30 to 90 seconds with the hair dryer.
  • Wipe and pick the area repeatedly with fresh polyethylene squares.
  • Soak a sponge using a mild detergent.  Blot the area to remove the residue.
  • Blot the area with a clean, white, dry, towel to remove the excess solution.
  • Blot the area with plain water to remove the detergent and allow to dry.

Vacuuming your carpets & rugs

Vacuuming is one of the most important aspects of proper carpet and rug maintenance.  Soiled carpet can hold up to one pound of dirt in each square yard.  Most people do not vacuum their carpet and rugs frequently enough.  Others vacuum incorrectly.
  • Vacuuming should be done at least once each week, and preferably twice per week if the area is heavily trafficked.
  • Vacuum the carpet against the nap, using several overlapping strokes.  Heavily soiled carpet may require seven or eight strokes over the same area.
  • Remember, you cannot vacuum too much, and it is more likely that your furnishings are suffering from insufficient vacuuming.

I've recently moved from Maryland to Northern Virginia.
Can I still get Ayoub N&H to clean my rugs?

We service the following areas & counties:

Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia
Howard County, MD • Montgomery County, MD
Fairfax County, VA • Arlington County, VA

For your convenience (& to save money) you can drop at one of our convenient Northern Virginia Dry Cleaner locations.

Our plant is located in Kensington, MD next to our store but we are happy to pick up and drop off your rugs for cleaning and/or repair (minimum required) as usual. Anything that can be cleaned in our plant like area rugs, cushions, drapery, etc. we can save you the trip - just contact us.

For carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning just contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for you to clean right in your home with our professional, powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning system! We also offer leather furniture cleaning and tile/grout cleaning in your home.