EverStrand™ Carpet from Mohawk – Made from Recycled Bottles

Carpet manufacturers are increasingly becoming “Green” professionals. Ordinary Carpeting in the past filled up the landfills. Now carpet manufacturers are creating solutions that actually reduce them.

A good example of this is Mohawk EverStrand™ Carpet Collections. It provides your home with beautiful carpeting without inflicting harm to our planet. That is because the carpeting is made from plastic bottles!

EverStrand™ Carpeting from Mohawk
  •   One in every four plastic bottles in North America become EverStrand™
  •   30 plastic bottles on average are recycled to make one square yard of EverStrand™
  •   14,000 recycled plastic bottles turn into EverStrand™ every minute
  •   3 Billion recycled plastic bottles are manufactured into EverStrand™ each year.
  •   24 Billion bottles have been recycled since 1999 = Carpet instead of more landfill.
It’s a tremendous innovation  – Mohawk has turned one unusable product into gorgeous carpet with outstanding performance attributes and simple cleanability. So if you’re looking for carpet with a conscience, look no further than EverStrand™ from Mohawk. Ask for it at Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rug’s showroom in Kensington, MD. when you need new carpeting for your home.