Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood Rejuvenation!

Wood flooring that is in need of rejuvenation can be revived with a thorough cleaning from Ayoub N&H™!

Ayoub N&H™ Hardwood Cleaning Process:

  1. Determine if any and what types of cleaning products have been used in the past. If acrylic-based products such as Mop-n-glo, Orange Glo, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or Bona Polish have been used, Ayoub N&H will remove that layer of cleaning polish prior to beginning the wood floor rejuvenation.
  2. If no acrylic based products have been used, (or once they’ve been removed) a cleaning solution is used in the wood floor cleaning equipment. The self-contained equipment applies the cleaning detergent, gently scrubs the floor, and extracts soiling.
  3. Using the same equipment, a solution is applied to neutralize the cleaning detergent and extract it.
  4. Any remaining moisture is wiped dry.
  5. If desired, a sealer can be applied for added protection. The sealer is available in a satin or glossy finish.

Additional Information:

  • Floors that have been waxed cannot be cleaned with this process.
  • Laminate flooring can be cleaned just like hardwood, but cannot be sealed.
  • Moving of basic furniture to begin the process, and replacing furniture after cleaning can be done for an additional charge.

If the sealer is not applied, the wood flooring can be walked on immediately. If a sealer is applied, the wood floor would need to be without traffic for about one hour.