Cleaning Rugs On-Site Should be Avoided-Maryland-DC


In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning is the Recommended Standard

Getting your valuable floor coverings cleaned at the Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs Kensington Plant is the best way to get your area rugs and fine orientals properly renewed and cared for in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs is a professional textile cleaner that follows the ANSI (American National Standard Institute)-approved standard of care for rugs.

One of the principles established in the latest edition of standards was that rugs should be cleaned in a plant environment, not on-location. It is not possible to clean a rug in-home to do a complete job such as: dusting, fringe correction, urine decontamination, mother protections, etc.

We won’t be able to correct potential problems that might appear after the rug is dry like: dye bleed, quality control results, etc.

So if you think it might be easiest to just clean it right on the floor, think again. Your rugs will have a longer life and problems can be avoided by doing it the right way – thoroughly by professionals.

Call Ayoub N&H today to schedule your area rug cleaning. If you’re in Maryland or DC 240-430-0994 and in Northern Virginia 703-535-5410. You can drop off at our convenient dry-cleaning locations , at the Ayoub N&H Plant, or we can pick it up and drop it off for you. You’ll love the results of Ayoub N&H in-plant rug cleaning.  (While you’re at it have your cushions and drapery professionally cleaned there also –  renewed and fresh!)