Carpeted vs. Wooden Stairs: Is It Time to Cover Your Staircase?

stairs with carpeting or runners

Do you have wooden stairs in your home? Are you considering covering them with carpet? Here are some points to consider:

What Makes Carpeting Great?

  • If you typically wear socks around the house, you may find carpet less slippery than wood.
  • Thick pile carpet creates a softer landing if you do slip, reducing bruising.
  • The padding dampens noise (this is helpful if you have kids racing up and down all day).
  • In winter, fibers feel warmer underfoot than wood.
  • Carpet doesn’t usually show dirt and dust as easily as wood.

What’s Good about Wood?

  • Wood is easier to clean than carpet on stairs.
  • Nice hardwood has a more elegant appearance than carpet.
  • The wood may be refinished instead of being replaced when it starts to show wear.

Want to Enjoy the Benefits of Both?

Stair runners are an option you might consider. With runners, you can show off lovely wood flooring, mitigate slip and fall hazards, and enjoy the soft feel of carpet underfoot—all at the same time. Since the stairs aren’t covered edge-to-edge with carpet, there aren’t all those nooks and crannies to vacuum out, making upkeep easier. The hardwood underneath is also preserved in case you want to go for a different look later.

Runners in gorgeous colors and designs can be customized to turn a staircase from a blank canvas into a work of art. The theme of stair runners can be carried throughout the house with hallway runners and area rugs. Contact Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs for a quote on a staircase makeover at your home!