Ayoub N&H™ Only Carries Environmentally-Friendly Flooring Products


Recently, Lumber Liquidators was in the news about the safety of the laminate flooring they sell to consumers.  They allegedly sold Chinese-made laminate flooring that contained levels of formaldehyde that exceed California Air Resources Board Phase–2 standards (CARB II).  At high levels, Formaldehyde can cause cancer, and at low levels it can cause respiratory issues.

Ayoub N&H™ Carpet & Rugs takes pride in providing materials that are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed safety standards in the United States.  Ayoub N&H™ makes sure all of their wood and laminate suppliers meet the CARB II requirement, one of the most stringent standards in place for hardwood and laminate flooring.

In addition to Hardwood and Laminate flooring safety, Ayoub N&H™ carries environmentally friendly carpet styles.  For example, Anso® Nylon products from Shaw® can be recycled into carpet over and over again.  Everstrand® Carpet by Mohawk® is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, providing great durability and stain resistance.  If your preference is for natural fiber carpeting, Ayoub N&H™ provides wool carpet from Couristan®, with the Purity Plus® line of carpets containing no synthetic content.

Whether you’re looking to carpet your bedrooms, or to update your living room with hardwood flooring, Ayoub N&H™ can provide a safe, healthy, and durable product for your family. Visit our showroom today in Kensington, MD to choose from our beautiful, quality selection of  safe carpet, rugs and hardwood flooring.