Serving thousands of satisfied clients in the Washington area. Below are some things clients have had to say about the great service from Ayoub N&H®.

“I recently moved and had some oriental carpets cleaned and repaired. I was ready to throw some smaller, puppy-chewed rugs out, but the gentleman from Ayoub told me they were worth repairing and I was delighted with the results. More recently I brought a rug that belonged to my mother that I was sentimentally attached to and wanted to keep. Ayoub performed a miracle with that carpet! It looks like new! I have given it to my daughter so now it is a beautiful family heirloom. Thanks, Ayoub. My sister will be bringing in a big Chinese carpet soon.”

– Marla C., Silver Spring MD

“After I delivered 2 rugs to their business, I decided that the 9X14 oriental rug also needed to be cleaned.  They came the next day and picked it up.

Within 10 days all three rugs were delivered to my apartment in Washington DC rolled and ready for the move. When I inquired about paying for the third rug, I was informed that the three rugs were included in the coupon and that I owed only for the smallest rug.  What a pleasant surprise. Plus I received a very nice thank you from the business.

WhenI arrived at my new home in Bloomington Indiana, I unrolled the rugs and placed them.  I was simply delighted in the results of the cleaning!  I highly recommend this business for rug cleaning and restoration.”

– Bloomington IN, (formerly of Washington DC)
Carpet Cleaning Washington DC

“Ayoub took my 3X5 Red Oriental Rug in for cleaning…They did a beautiful job of cleaning.  I also had them replace the fringe on both ends of the rug and the final price also included a new nonskid padding.  The cleaning brought out the beauty of the rug, and with the new fringe it looks brand new.  The work was ready within the promised time frame.  I was very pleased with their work, and I will use them again.”

– Washington DC

“The overall experience was exemplary. We got what we’d hoped for and found a company who could make good on their promises. We will be using them again, when needed, for all our carpet and rug cleaning needs.”

– Washington DC

“We were very pleased with them. The products they showed us were good. They were better than the ones that we had seen elsewhere. We thought the advice we were given was better. They were very accommodating and they didn’t push us to make a decision. They sent some samples home and we narrowed it down. We went back and got some more samples. It went very smoothly. It went very smooth when we went to place the order even though it was the holidays, they got us in. We are really pleased with the carpet. Their workmanship was excellent. They were very polite and on time. The carpet is nice. The price was fair. We would definitely recommend them.”

– Washington DC

“We used Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs to clean several oriental rugs that had been stored in our basement for over ten years. They were fabulous. We had them pick up the first rug, which was large and had several stains. They got all the stains out with no damage to the rug, cleaned it beautifully and delivered it to our son’s townhouse in Virginia for no extra charge. Several weeks later we took two smaller rugs to their plant in Kensington for cleaning and picked them up ourselves. They did excellent work on these as well. Everyone we dealt with was professional, courteous and accommodating, and their prices were very reasonable.”

– Linda K., Bethesda MD

“I have upwards of 10 persian rugs in my parent’s home and it’s hard trusting someone with that kind of merchandise, ya know? …This was the first time I’ve had my rugs cleaned so I had a ton of questions about the whole process. Andrew was really great about explaining everything and making my parents comfortable to hire them (they are foreign and paranoid). The wool rug we own was our biggest concern, but Andrew assured me that they can clean it without damaging anything. They honored the yelp discount and even provided free pick-up and delivery.

Even though Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs gave me a great deal on everything, the 5 stars is for the service. In my experience, service companies like this are usually run by aggressive and pushy guys trying to screw a girl over with extra costs she doesn’t need. It was refreshing and comforting to do business with these guys. I’ll be coming to them again for sure!”

– Mandana Y, Washington DC

“When moving into a new house, we had them sand and stain two stories of 60-year-old oak floors. They did a fantastic job bringing the old floors back to life. Stains were lifted and some boards were repaired to a like-new condition. However, the sanding machine marked-up some of the walls and baseboards. When notified, they sprang into action the next day (on the weekend, nonetheless). No issues; no hassle; no run-around. It was truly customer first. Will you find this with a big flooring mega giant after a sale/service has been made?

It’s not what a company sells you; rather, it’s what they do when issues subsequent to sales arise – and they frequently arise. Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs showed service-after-sales excellence and I absolutely recommend them for anyone with flooring needs.

Moreover, they worked with us to purchase carpet and were very patient with us making a choice. This entailed us visiting the showroom multiple times and taking samples home to test. No hard sales pitch whatsoever. This customer-oriented approach will keep me (and my neighbors) shopping with them for years to come. That is, I would rather frequent this family-owned business than a large super carpet store for the reasons above. Again, I strongly recommend Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs for all of your flooring needs and do not hesitate to rate five stars.”

– Rob G., Chevy Chase MD

“We use them to clean our area rugs and take advantage of the 10% drop off discount…great service- friendly and professional- and our rugs look great! Highly recommend.”

– Amanda K., Rockville MD

“We had them sand and refinish 2 rooms and some stairs. The work quality is very good. The rooms look great. We had a minor issue with the stairs and called them. They came back and made it right at no additional cost. That’s great customer service. The two workers they sent were friendly. They did a pretty good job of sealing up the rest of the house from the areas being worked on. We talked to Andrew to set up the appointment and he was very helpful. Would not hesitate to recommend them.”

– Ben Y, Rockville MD

“I highly Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs. They did a terrific job cleaning our rugs and they offer free pick up and delivery. The staff is professional, knowledgable, and helpful..”

– Easy R., Washington DC

Cleaned the upholstery on a sofa, loveseat and two chairs and treated two sofas, the loveseat and three chairs with Scotchguard. Took eight carpets to their facility for cleaning, returned them to the house and assisted with re-laying them. Service was prompt, efficient and thorough and delivery of the cleaned carpets was arranged at a time convenient for me.”

– Ann S., Rockville MD

“Cleaning a 7’x9′ rug. Very friendly service and the work was completed on time. Will definitely be a return customer.”
Patrick S., Bethesda MD

“I used Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs to do my wall-to-wall and they took my area rugs.It was about $300 for each set of things. They were great.”

– Allison B., Kensington MD

“Chris and his crew (Joe and Eric) were on-time, professional in their work and manner and left us with nicely cleaned and fresh-smelling carpets. I recommend them highly.They get and “A”.”

– John M., Bethesda MD

“I needed my carpets cleaned mainly to remove dander after the death of my dog so that my son, who is allergic to dogs, could come back into my house.  I had initially planned to replace the carpets, but after they were cleaned, not only was my son able to come in the house but the carpets looked so good that I will probably not replace them.  Also, because my concern about dander in the grout lines in the tiled areas, I asked for an estimate to run the carpet cleaner over my tile floors and they preformed that service gratis! I will definitely use them again.

… I did not get multiple estimates. What I needed was fast service and they came right away.  However, the price they asked was about what I expected.  Considering they also did the tiled areas (which did not really need cleaning so it was not a deep cleaning so I can’t evaluate that), it was a bargain! ”

– Nancy A., Gaithersburg MD

“The company picked up my carpet, cleaned it, and delivered it. When I first called, the man who answered gave me a complete description of what the price included and how my rug would be cleaned. I mentioned the 15% coupon on the company’s website and he said he’d honor it. We set a date and time for them to pick up the rug, and another date and time for return delivery. I appreciated his respectful tone, especially after calling other companies for their estimates!
The men who picked up the rug were friendly and extremely helpful in moving furniture. I got the rug returned on the day and time it was promised. It looked brand new!

I had forgotten to print out the coupon from the website, so they charged me full price. I called and asked them about the discount, and they said they’d honor it. Right away I saw in my account that they had refunded me 15%!

I am on a neighborhood listserv, and I was very happy to tell all my neighbors about this company.”

– Ellen C., Silver Spring MD

Cleaned two rugs and repaired the fringe on one of them. My dog decided to drag my oldest son’s dirty diapers across his rug. It was a huge mess and I didn’t want to clean it. I took it to Ayoub (N&H) carpet along with another rug that needed to be cleaned. I told them what happened, didn’t seem to phase them and about two weeks later I had two clean/repaired rugs. Very pleased with the service and I would definitely use them again..”

– David D., Potomac MD

Repaired and cleaned one 5×8 persian carpet.  Determined that another was beyond repair.  Were punctual and professional.  Gave me honest opinions and did a great job with the carpet they cleaned and repair.  Definitely would recommend them and use them again.”

– Teel O., Washington DC

“Ayoub N&H Carpets & Rugs is a family business which is a fact I like also they do excellent work if my rugs are anything to go by. Both rugs are 100% wool and originally a off white, I took them into Ayoub thinking that they might be beyond cleaning. I was told that they would be ready in 10 days….(they do pick and deliver) well we have just bought them home and they both look like new again! I am very impressed.!”

– Kathy T., Silver Spring MD

“I bought some carpeting for the steps from Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs. They cleaned some carpets by the end of October.
I like them very much. They are very responsive. I had some questions, probably simple ones and they said they will come tomorrow to look at it. They come exactly when they say they will. They have a very nice set of people working for them. They are very prompt and efficient. They do deliver when they say they will. You can go to their shop and get good service from the owner. I would recommend them. Their price is reasonable.”

– Judy H., Chevy Chase MD

“I had a new carpet installed in my sunroom to replace and old carpet. They arrived on time for thefree measuring and later for the install. They removed the old carpet and installed the new carpet in just about an hour. The men were neat and cleaned up after themselves both in the home and outside. They were very professional and kept me informed on times of appointments. I never had to call them to ask what was happening and when.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience with them. I told them I wanted a eco-friendly carpet and we went from there. They never tried to sell me something I was not interested in or upgrades I did not want.”

– Sherli M., Bethesda MD

“We had them install carpet 4 bedrooms and the upstairs hallway and a staircase. I was very happy with the work they did for us and their price for installation was the cheapest. (We did not buy our carpet here but would consider doing that in the future.) They communicate well, I liked the installers and I just feel that they were very professional. From the minute I met them, I felt a sense that they knew what they were doing and I liked that they were flexible in terms of how I wanted the project completed. The work was done quickly and compared to a company that put in carpet on our lower level a few months prior, this job was much better. I felt they addressed any concerns that I had and gave me a real explanation so I’d understand what was going on. I also had them make an area rug for me and the work was done very quickly. The installers (whom I did really like) didn’t do a good job vacuuming after the installation and I thought that was slightly frustrating.. However, the other company that installed carpet for us didn’t vacuum at all. In the end, all that mattered was that the carpet was installed very well and there were no problems. I happily vacuumed again after they left and enjoyed the gorgeous new carpet! Almost six months later, no problems.”

– Jennifer M., Kensington MD

“I had Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs steam-clean my carpeting.They did an excellent job. The result was as I expected. They did NOT over-saturate the carpeting. It dried quickly and looked perfectly clean. We plan to call them back for another cleaning next month.”

– Harold S., Olney MD

Cleaned three soiled antique rugs. Purchased two rug pads for them.My elderly dog pooped all over three of my antique tapestry rugs. I hosed them off and took them in the next day. They smelled incredibly bad. They were really nice about it and took them out of my car. Came back a week later and they never looked so good — I wish I had taken them in before. They insisted on carrying them to my car for me.”

– Susan W., Glen Echo MD

“We hired them to clean the carpets in our home. They took several area rugs to their shop to be cleaned.We hired this company because of a professional recommendation. We have used them twice. We liked that they are prompt. They do a quality job. They are pleasant to deal with. They are flexible in scheduling and have worked with our schedule. Their prices had not increased in the last 16 months, so we felt that the price was fair.”

– John J., Burtonsville MD

“They cleaned some rugs that were in my basement that had been damaged from flooding.These rugs were very special. They were handed down to me from my mother. I thought that Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs did a fantastic job. They even smelled fresh and clean when they were done. I would definitely recommend their services to others. They are also very reasonable on their charges.”

– Laura K. L., Silver Spring MD

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